Common Party Planning Mistakes

Being the host of the party is not an easy task. There is a lot of planning that goes into it and you have to spend quite some time getting all the elements ready. From the invitation cards to the party favors, everything has to be taken care of and should be perfect. With so many things to look into, it is quite easy to miss a few important elements. So to have the perfect party, here are some of the most common mistakes you should avoid.

Not knowing the guest count

A good host always caters to the needs of his or her guests.  First off, you should prepare a guest list and know how many people will be invited. The last thing you need is for your food and drinks to run out and you hear people complain about running out of raw nut mix you can try the bulk nuts online Australia.  Make sure you call them before hand and get information on any people they are planning to bring over. You need to be prepared for some appearances and hencehave a few more extra portions of food ready.

Ignoring the taste of guests

You might have invited a diverse set of guests who have different tastes in food, music and other entertainment. It is essential that you know if people have specifications on their food. Know exactly who are the vegans, who can’t eat foods that have gluten in it, any allergies etc. Make sure you add some food items such as baked potatoes or tasty gluten free lollies that everyone can enjoy regardless of their specifications.

Planning without a budget

The first thing you need to know is how much you can spend on each element of the party. Decide on the most important aspects that you need to spend a bit more than the others and spend more time preparing them. It is easier to get carried away with décor, party favors etc. rather than focusing on the entertainment and food. Do not go over the budget as it could put you in financial trouble in the future. You can leave some extra funds to be used for an emergency.Miscalculating set-up timeYou need to have everything prepared before the first guest comes in. Most hosts forget about the early comers and plan for lower set up times. Make sure you keep at least an hour extra than what you think you need, since something could go wrong anytime and the spare hour will save you. Relax and run through the entire event so that you realize anything missed out.