An Overview About Sliding Screen Doors

People prefer to live in such homes which are beautiful, are according to their comfort zone and secured at the same time. Infrastructure and inner decoration of a house contributes in beautifying the house; it is made comfortable by people residing inside it and is secured by the doors. Usually people put these three options in front of them before constructing a home or office for themselves. As a perfect home is nowhere described by its vastness or circumference rather a standard of perfect home is set to be as such which is beautiful, comfortable and secured.  In this article, the point of our focus is going to be about sliding screen door.


Long before the invention of doors, people used to live in open areas but with the passage of time the concept of door was introduced. At first doors were made just for privacy and security purposes but now many different kinds of doors have been introduced. These doors vary from sliding screen doors to retractable screens, from magnetic insect screens to security screens and the list goes on.              

Sliding doors and hinged doors:

The two basic types of doors are sliding doors and hinged doors. Hinged doors are the doors that are pushed and pulled to open and close, whereas sliding doors are those doors that are moved or glided on a particular track.

Sliding screen door:

Sliding screen doors are one of the most commonly used doors which are multi-functional as they are sliding in nature and are made up of screen. Sliding doors are doors that are moved across an aperture or suspended from a track rather than being turned on hinges. Now coming to screen doors, they are such doors which are made to protect the interior from flying insects, airborne debris or any other such environmental pollutant.

Star line security:

Star line security store is the platform which provides diverse variety of doors and windows. Their diversity varies from a screen sliding door to retractable insect door, from basic safety screens to secure view security screens, from diamond grill to magnetic insect screens. They are located in Brisbane but spread their services all across the Australia. They are quite professional and expert in this field as they have been doing this business for twenty-five years.


Doors are essential need for one to feel secured and protected inside his home or office. Feeling secured does not specifically mean being guarded from getting robbed; it also means being protected from debris or flies from entering the home. Moreover, doors provide certain privacy to people residing inside. Variety of doors has been introduced in the market, one such type is known as sliding screen doors. These doors are opened or closed by gliding them on a particular track and protects the air pollutants or flying insects from entering inside the home or office. Star line security provides the most diverse form of doors and windows.